• Head Hunting

    Head Hunting

    We attract the best Human Talent for your company, which is intended for its high academic, professional, leadership and managerial potential. Through different strategies that allows us to “Find” the best qualified people according to the specific competences of the previously defined profile with the client.

    Through an assessment that includes human aspects, labor and professional skills, we can identify the best talent.

    Our talent search is adjusted to the labor market context. First, we begin with an exploration of the labor market (general or specific, according to client`s needs), which allows us to coincide with the reality of the economic sector, salary and experience among others.

    Our management translates into profitability and balance among all parties.

  • Staff Selection

    Staff Selection

    Outstanding BPO covers vacancies in all hierarchical levels of your company. We define the seek profile along with our client, we apply the latest recruitment techniques, we evaluate the competences, we do the document verification, we ask for references and finally we send the candidates to the client so that they can decide which candidate will be chosen.

  • Hiring Personnel

    Hiring personnel and Labor Relations

    Based on the legislation that governs the matter, the policies of our client and previous service agreement, we contract each one of the workers, on the documentation defined by our client.

    The following variables intervene in the service:

    – Welcome and Presentation to the new collaborator
    – Signature of the contract and additional clauses that correspond
    – Carnetization
    – Induction of Company and Position, Corporate Policies
    – Job Delivery, Equipment and Work Tools
    – Affiliation to Social Security
    – Delivery to Human Resources of Labor Folder

  • Payroll Outsourcing

    Payroll Outsourcing

    Prior to parameterization of our system according to the payroll concepts handled by each area or department of the client company, we process the payroll, applying the rightful law deductions and all those additional deductions agreed between the employee and the employer. Similarly, we generate the corresponding files to make payments in the different social security entities, parafiscal as well as those concepts agreed with third parties.

    The personnel database with the relevant information is a determining factor in the success of payroll processing.

    According to the payroll policy of our client, we build the respective payment schedule, receive news and reporting for our client company to be which made the payments corresponding dispersion.

    Previous parameterization of our system

  • Human Talent

    Human Talent Assessment

    We evaluate the human resource available in your company in different moments or stages within your organization, depending on the objective pursued; generate a promotion policy, detect employees with high potential or implement training plans:

    • Evaluation of competencies:
      We use psychological tools to diagnose what competences are part of your employees’ profile
    • Performance Evaluation:
      We confirm the level of performance in which the employee fulfills the objectives of his position. This to detect weaknesses, strengths and opportunities that must be addressed.
    • We design group or individual “Assessment Center”, seeking to evaluate the abilities, abilities and behaviors of the participants in situations that fit the requirements needed in their real life roles and job challenges.
  • Outplacement


    We maintain the positive image of your company and at the same time we prepare your employees in a personalized way in their search for new job opportunities, leading them to a new insertion.

  • Complementary

    Complementary Services

    • Application of tests
    • Home visits
    • Polygraph
    • Physical, clinical and laboratory tests for admission, regular check and dismiss.